Mayflower Trade, LLC

Mayflower Trade was established in 2005 by Barry J. Sinnott.

Mr. Sinnott was born and raised in Utica, NY and received a B.A. from Boston University in International Relations. Upon graduation in 2000, Mr. Sinnott moved back to Utica to work in the Sinnott family business, the Bank of Utica. From 2001—2005 Mr. Sinnott lived and worked in Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing.

In 2005 Mr. Sinnott returned to his hometown to start Mayflower Trade, whose mission is:

Mayflower Trade L.L.C. is a service oriented company whose mission is to help Upstate NY businesses , organizations and institutions utilize and access opportunities in China to realize growth in their industries. These companies’ growth will result in fostering economic development in the Mohawk Valley.


"Linking Chinese and Western Business via New York State"